Why choose an international moving company to removal from Paris to Montreal?


Do you plan to leave your actual house in Paris later then want to move in some part of America due to your business or your retirement and you need professional support but do not have idea about it yet? The Berton Group organizes an international removal from Paris to Montreal. As you know, Montreal is renowned as the best island around where the cultures and vibes are unique; it is also the home of many festivals. 

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What is the Berton Group exactly? 

In fact, the Berton Group is an international company; which handles a moving around the world especially between Europe and America. Any kind of clients are welcome: professional or particular, students or workers. We also transfer all type of furniture and vehicles due to the variety of transport that we possess: by air, by sea and by land. The most important is that the Berton Group has already 50 years of experience, has satisfied many clients and we only collaborate with very competent remover to accomplish perfectly your relocation to Montreal. 

Removal from Paris to Montreal : why working with professional team? 

While working with competent team, seldom do you have to worry about the safety of your furniture; we propose you a well-organized and safe moving to New York. Above all, collaborating with the Berton Group reduces your duties, your stress and your problems since our removers take care the whole service until the last. Hiring our remover is not a waste of time; the opposite, it is a time and energy saving thanks to the adequate materials we use. 

Our team will support you during all the steps of your removal abroad. They can also suggest you some accommodations, schools … if needed. You can trust them, as we will not going to disappointed you.

How to have access to our service?  

Having access to our service is not complicate; we have tried to make it easier for you by staying in your office and book the service online by a simple click. Then fill the removal’s formula correctly with your information, choose your removal’s option and send your quotation freely. 

How to obtain help? 

Apart from our professional remover team, we also have supportive customer advisors who can support you when you have some troubles or need additional information about your removal between Paris and Montreal. Feel free to contact them; as they are always available. 

Removal from Paris to Montreal : what do you need? 

It is crucial that you get ready with those administrative files few months before the moving since we cannot accomplish the removal without these papers, it includes: 

  • Passport and visa application
  • Validation of change of residence
  • Descriptive state of vehicles (car, bicycle, moto cycle)
  •  Simplified customs clearance
  • Health certificate by the veterinarian regarding pets
  • Old school radiation certificate for students

For your information, live tree and live plants, things containing asbestos are not allowed during an international move. 

In short, the Berton Group offers particular and professional; a safe and personalized removal between Paris and Montreal. Your satisfaction is also our satisfaction 

For any type of move in France: particular or professional contact a professional moving agency

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